Water Testing

• Water Testing for VA and USDA loans

• Testing include Turbidity, Lead, Copper & E coli

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Water quality probably isn’t high on your home shopping checklist, but making sure the property you want to purchase is safe, sound and sanitary is one of the key missions of your home buying experience.

That’s why the type of water connection and treatment system at your potential dream home can become a big deal. A set of standards are provided by your loan agency which may include water testing to help safeguard your families drinking system.

Water-related issues can prove especially thorny for prospective homebuyers. Mortgage lenders and loan specialists who don’t have a clear understanding of the requirements, and how to handle them, can wind up costing property owners added fees.

To be sure of what is required by your loan agency, contact them regarding their water testing requirements, and be sure to pick a local professional that is certified by the state’s requirements, and or loan agency. Island Inspection Solutions works with a certified lab to do so.

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Family Home Inspections


Before you purchase your new home it is vital that you know the precise condition of your potential home or rental property.  Our inspection reports are both thorough and easy to understand.  Our job is to find and evaluate the visible and accessible conditions working without and within a house under the standards of practice set by current Hawai’i Standards. We cover over seventy areas and provide you with the information you need to make a competent decision.   We believe the inspection process should be both informative and enjoyable and also provide information unique to each property we inspect.

The home inspection includes:

  • Exterior: grading, walls, coverings, patio covers, sidewalks/driveways, soffits/fascias, doors/windows/trim, gutters/down spouts, retaining walls, fences/gates. 

Structure: foundation, crawlspace, posts/piers, footings/columns, floors, walls, chimneys.
  • Roofing: Structure, coverings, flashing, skylights, vent/stacks.
  • Electrical: Service entrance, grounding, panel/sub panels, branch circuits, outlets, gfci’s, circuit integrity.
  • Heating/AC: description, combustion system, components, supply/discharge lines, venting, ductwork/registers, controls/ thermostats.
  • Plumbing: main supply line, distribution lines, fixtures, vents/traps/drains, functional flow.
  • Insulation: attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air/vapor barriers.

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A pre-inspection consists of a formal viewing of the property and its components before a home is put on the market. This allows the seller to repair, replace, and or update any concerns of the home.  IIS will run through each area of the home including but not limited to: Electrical, Plumbing, Foundation, Water Catchment, and Structure .  Consult our pricing page for costs.

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Vacant Land Inspections


One Acre or Less

  • Bronze – $395.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with a verbal Report
  • Silver – $445.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with photos and summary report
  • Gold – $495.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with full site report, photos
  • Platinum – $545.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with full site report, area demographics, photos, and inspection on Video

(Video can be added to any service for $75.00)

One Acre or more

  • Add $100.00 for each additional acre to the one acre base price (up to five acres)

Six Acre or more

New Construction and Draw Inspections


The draw inspection is an on-site visual investigation of the amount of work that is completed on a new construction project. The site investigation includes documenting through photography and approximate percentage completed for all work that is ongoing, material on-site, site work, and specific component evaluations on completed tasks as to the date of the site visit. We work with numerous lending institutions and can perform special investigations for tasks that are unique to the project assignment.

Draw Prices

  • Hilo Proper – $75.00
  • Puna & South Hilo – $100.00
  • Kau, Kona, Kohala, North Hilo – $125.00