“Prevented unnecessary headaches”

“The report we received from Island Inspections was through and professional.  It provided us with photographs, material list and a breakdown of the cost, so we could make wise and accurate decisions on rebuilding our deck.  It saved us a lot of time and prevented unnecessary headaches.”

–Troy Rimel,
Christian Liberty School

“Best money you will spend”

“Without the services of Island Inspection I would not have been able to complete the purchase of my Hilo oceanfront home. I live five thousand miles from Hilo and without this help and guidance I would not have been able to complete the purchase. IIS was very professional and thorough throughout the inspection process and their final report to me was exceptional.  I would highly recommend anyone considering purchasing a new home in Hawaii and have Island Inspection complete an inspection prior to closing escrow. The inspection fee will be the best money you will spend.”

-John & Karen Holton
North Carolina

“Thorough and easy to understand”

“An important process in real estate transactions is the inspection process.  This is where individuals can learn the true condition of the property. I have worked with IIS on numerous occasions. IIS experience goes beyond just inspecting buildings but also in the construction, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of building structures.  IIS has spent many hours with my clients, and has helped them gain a better understanding of their potential home or investment property. IIS has reports that are thorough and easy to understand, and I highly recommend their services to any new or experienced real estate buyer.”

–Kelley Moran,
Owner Hilo brokers

Family Home Inspections


Before you purchase your new home it is vital that you know the precise condition of your potential home or rental property.  Our inspection reports are both thorough and easy to understand.  Our job is to find and evaluate the visible and accessible conditions working without and within a house under the standards of practice set by current Hawai’i Standards. We cover over seventy areas and provide you with the information you need to make a competent decision.   We believe the inspection process should be both informative and enjoyable and also provide information unique to each property we inspect.

The home inspection includes:

  • Exterior: grading, walls, coverings, patio covers, sidewalks/driveways, soffits/fascias, doors/windows/trim, gutters/down spouts, retaining walls, fences/gates. 

Structure: foundation, crawlspace, posts/piers, footings/columns, floors, walls, chimneys.
  • Roofing: Structure, coverings, flashing, skylights, vent/stacks.
  • Electrical: Service entrance, grounding, panel/sub panels, branch circuits, outlets, gfci’s, circuit integrity.
  • Heating/AC: description, combustion system, components, supply/discharge lines, venting, ductwork/registers, controls/ thermostats.
  • Plumbing: main supply line, distribution lines, fixtures, vents/traps/drains, functional flow.
  • Insulation: attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air/vapor barriers.

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Pricing information




A pre-inspection consists of a formal viewing of the property and its components before a home is put on the market. This allows the seller to repair, replace, and or update any concerns of the home.  IIS will run through each area of the home including but not limited to: Electrical, Plumbing, Foundation, Water Catchment, and Structure .  Consult our pricing page for costs.

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Scott – Lead Inspector


Scott has worked in the construction field and also has been custom cabinet and furniture builder, and shortly after college graduation with his  degree he closed escrow on his property in Paradise Park a subdivision in Hawaii one the Big Island where he constructed his 2-story house. Scott often worked with Maintenance Hawaii doing carpentry and other home repair jobs. In the beginning of 2004, Scott was offered a job as the primary residential inspector with Island Inspections. Since this time, he has completed training with the International Code Council (ICC), and with Inspection Training Associates as residential building inspector. He also performed both commercial and residential building inspections .  In 2006 Scott got his certification in Environmental Assessment Training. Scott became the owner of Island Inspections in 2009 and is currently the lead inspector.

Vacant Land Inspections


One Acre or Less

  • Bronze – $395.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with a verbal Report
  • Silver – $445.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with photos and summary report
  • Gold – $495.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with full site report, photos
  • Platinum – $545.00 – Vacant Land Inspection with full site report, area demographics, photos, and inspection on Video

(Video can be added to any service for $75.00)

One Acre or more

  • Add $100.00 for each additional acre to the one acre base price (up to five acres)

Six Acre or more

Eric – Speciality Inspector


Eric began working with Island Inspections in 2005. He moved from Wisconsin in 2002 to finish his degree in Communications at the University of Hawaii in Hilo. Eric has over ten years’ experience in the building field, with an extensive background in building maintenance, and environmental resource industry. As director of the specialty inspections, Eric has helped establish the bank, insurance and vacant land inspection division. He is currently working on establishing Island Inspections data base and report style formatting for all specialty inspections. Eric was certified in 2006 with our other staff in the environmental assessment.

Carol – Administration


Carol works as an administrator and secretary with Island Inspection Solutions part time. She basically runs the office, answers the calls, schedules inspections, takes care of accounting, distributes reports and basically keeps the inspectors on track. Carol Jennings is currently working as an executive secretary, and she also is in charge of all the advertisement, scheduling, clerical work, accounting, and overall coordination of the department’s needs.

New Construction and Draw Inspections


The draw inspection is an on-site visual investigation of the amount of work that is completed on a new construction project. The site investigation includes documenting through photography and approximate percentage completed for all work that is ongoing, material on-site, site work, and specific component evaluations on completed tasks as to the date of the site visit. We work with numerous lending institutions and can perform special investigations for tasks that are unique to the project assignment.

Draw Prices

  • Hilo Proper – $75.00
  • Puna & South Hilo – $100.00
  • Kau, Kona, Kohala, North Hilo – $125.00