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Water Testing

• Water Testing for VA and USDA loans

• Testing include Turbidity, Lead, Copper & E coli

• Call or email for a quote

Water quality probably isn’t high on your home shopping checklist, but making sure the property you want to purchase is safe, sound and sanitary is one of the key missions of your home buying experience.

That’s why the type of water connection and treatment system at your potential dream home can become a big deal. A set of standards are provided by your loan agency which may include water testing to help safeguard your families drinking system.

Water-related issues can prove especially thorny for prospective homebuyers. Mortgage lenders and loan specialists who don’t have a clear understanding of the requirements, and how to handle them, can wind up costing property owners added fees.

To be sure of what is required by your loan agency, contact them regarding their water testing requirements, and be sure to pick a local professional that is certified by the state’s requirements, and or loan agency. Island Inspection Solutions works with a certified lab to do so.

To request water testing, contact us by email or phone.