We at Island Inspections would like to thank all of you for your continued support, and would like to inform you that we are no longer in business as Island Inspections.

Eric will continue to do land inspections under his new business. His number is 808-854-7273.

It has been a privilege to serve you in this way and we wish you all the best.

Scott, Carol & Eric with Island Inspections. ———————————————————————————————————-

Island Inspections, LLC provides a full range of inspection and consultation services for the state of Hawaii. We have worked with numerous real estate, insurance, banking, and property management companies on all the major islands and take pride in our timely, accurate and thorough reports. All our inspectors have been thoroughly and all our reports come with a unique notes summary which helps summarize our findings. This helps to highlight the areas that are in urgent need of servicing.
A home inspection is just what the name indicates, an inspection of a home. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the condition of the various systems and structures of the home. While an inspection performed by a competent inspection company will determine the condition of the major components of the home, no inspection will pick up every minute latent defect. The inspector’s ability to find all defects is limited by access to various parts of the property, lack of information about the property and many other factors. A good inspector will do his or her level best to determine the condition of the home and to report it accurately. Our Work IIS clients include nationally-recognized companies.
  • Century 21
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Remax
Over the years IIS became known for its competent work, dependability, and comprehensive services.  Since 1998, IIS has worked island-wide on thousands of buildings in all areas of the construction and repair industry. Island Inspection Solutions, LLC began with a simple request by a local real estate broker in 1998.  The request was to provide services for property and business owners who desired to identify and quantify any potential liabilities or structural problems with their properties, and to repair or replace them as part of the maintenance company.  Over the next few years, the requests for inspection services began to grow, and by the year 2000 the real estate market on the island began to prosper. In response to the increasing demand and complexity of services in the inspection industry, IIS enrolled and was certified by the Inspection Training Associates (ITA) in Oceanside, California in 2000. At ITA IIS received their advanced training and certification in eleven inspection fields.  A few years later, to increase areas of expertise, IIS enrolled in ITA’s commercial inspection training course in 2003. IIS affiliation with local contractors and suppliers and memberships with the Hawaii Island Board of Realtors,  National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers.
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